Hosting Memories

We hosted "S" and "L" in Summer of 2011.   Fantastic young ladies we try to keep in touch with by Skype and email.  They are still in a fantastic foster care type orphanage in Latvia.

We hosted "R" and "K" in Winter of 2011.  Sweet young men, and in the August of 2012 our adoption was finalized, making them our sons "M" and "T".

We hosted "E" - Summer 2013, Winter 2013 and Summer 2014.
Our precious "Joy" is being placed back into her family in Latvia August 2014
UPDATE - "E" placed back into orphanage spring 2015 & made available for adoption in June 2015!!

Hosted "D" and "S" over Winter of 2014.  Their sister "S" is too young to come for hosting.

Precious little "Nika" is being adopted by a Lavian family - summer 2015.  She is now 1 and the identical picture of her brother Timothy.  They could be twins.  Our sons are heartbroken for this decision made by the orphan court for their sister.

Hosted "D", "S", & "S" over summer of 2015.  They are tangled in the system in Latvia and not cleared for adoption.

Hung out on the plane rides with "E" back and forth to Latvia in June and August of 2015.

Random lady in Saint Louis Airport holding a sign saying "E"'s name when I return from that August flight and then immediately seeing a Large. Pink. Billboard reading only "Choose Joy".
We feel very clear that we need to bring home our "E", our little Joy!!

September/October 2015 - waiting on referral of "E"



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