Our First Adoption Journey "M" & "T"

How it all began ...

The Spirit of Adoption has hit our hearts and been confirmed by God for this season.

Chris & I talked about adoption before we married. It was one of our "puzzle pieces" of confirmation. Somewhere along the way of life and babies, it came down to not being able to afford it or it simply was not the right season for it, yet.

Since we lost baby Cadence in December of 2009, we have lightly discussed it.

We have been waiting on our time of mourning to end.  I wasn't ready to accept anything about adoption until our mourning had truly passed.

We have been waiting to see what God had to say about it.

We have friends who have adopted internationally. We have friends who have adopted domestically.

Several families within our church have adopted since we got pregnant and lost Cadence. We have prayed for them and with them. We have held their precious ones and watched them settle into their forever families.

As the new year approached, we began to talk about the idea. Rough, sketchy, wouldn't that be a cool idea. God's heart is really for the orphan. Let's keep talking about it. Then...

In January of 2011.

God began speaking to us, about adoption, like this:

We come to church on January 9th, 2011.  1/9/11  (true story)

The Lord has two friends walk up to us at church, hand us a folded check and say "This is a seed toward your adoption".  We had not really mentioned adoption.

The pastor proceeded to speak (directly to us) about adoption through the sermon.  Even going so far as to specifically site the Miracle of the loaves and fishes and tie that in with NOT taking out a loan for our adoption.  (Our pastor referenced Mark 6 how the disciples asked Jesus how they should buy that much bread ~ (go in to town and take out a loan for 200 denari (eight months wages)) to pay for food for the people?)

God showed us that the need and what I need to take care of the need don't match up.  The need is way greater, I need a miracle to fulfill the need.  The Lord specifically said He was going to do a miracle to provide more than enough for our adoption that day.  We were floored and weeping by the end of service, well, I did most of the weeping.

The check we were given was written on 1/9/11  check # 1190  (911)  In the bible I grew up with Standard American Version Matthew 9:11 is "The Call of Levi"  or the call of the tax collector.  I am a tax baby. My very birth day is tax day - the call on my life has always been The call of Levi.  (911 was shown to me again and again from before I was even saved and continuously since, the Lord sweetly reminds me of the calling on my life with this number)  The call of Matthew was to leave all he knew and follow the Lord.

Well, we began on our journey to adopt.  We decided that since most of the people we knew in our church had gone domestic newborn, we would too.  Our tax refund plus the seed, covered a consultant to help us put together our profile and begin our homestudy.  Everything was moving along, step by step, piece by piece.  We were approved to adopt domestically in April 2011.

Except, Levi was called to leave all he knew and follow the Lord. :)

The Lord kept highlighting overseas adoption, specifically school age children who tend to be overlooked and then after the precious age of 5, the majority of people simply do not want to adopt them.   Wait, hadn't I asked the Lord for a baby?  Except, Levi was called to leave all he knew and follow the Lord.

We began looking into adoption overseas, different countries. Research is a big key when looking into adoption.  We looked into a sibling group in Taiwan and found out we do not have enough "resources" to qualify for that country.  Began to really look at the qualifications for different countries and pray about it.  Different countries have different qualifications for all kinds of things.  A great book to read to find out is "The complete book of International Adoption."  The following week, there is a posting in our church bulletin about a hosting program.  I look into it and find out that most of these children are adoptable. The two countries in this program are Latvia and Ukraine.

We hosted two lovely school age girls (13 & 14) from Latvia for five weeks over the summer of 2011.  We planned from before the hosting to adopt them.  Sadly, they were both old enough (age 12+) to tell the orphan court they had a great time in America, the did love our family very much, but did not wish to be adopted by us.  It must be difficult to understand how anyone could want you after all those years of rejection.  We know God has a plan for their lives and we will leave that door open to them always. We knew before hosting they would have that option.  We pray they find their forever family.  Fun Update:  We enjoyed an entire day of visiting with our girls when we were in Latvia for our first trip.  They had a great time hanging out with us and showing us where they lived.

We also know God has a plan for our family to add children in a sibling group from Latvia.  We hosted again this past Winter with the same ministry.  They are fantastic and really doing a work of the Lord.  :)

We hosted two brothers over Christmas for four weeks.  Incredible experience.  These boys will become our sons, forever. :)
You can read about what came next in some of my December 2011 and January 2012 posts.

Here I am Lord. Hear I am Lord. Here I am Lord.

Ever so sweetly He is singing His heart over us. His heart for the Orphan. His song of Justice about abortion.  His Love for all Life.

Zephaniah 3:17 
...He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.