Why are we Fundraising ???

Because Adoption costs. A Lot.

It is no small task to ransom a child out of being an ophan.

We are fundraising, because it costs a lot right away.

We believe (for us) it is not right to take out a loan.

It takes a village to raise a child...

It takes a village to pull a child out of poverty, abandonment and despair.

Is your adoption separate from your hosting.  Yes, however, the cost of hosting is $2750 and we receive a discount on our adoption through our agency, because we paid the hosting fees.

Where does the fundraising money go??  All funds 100% go to our adoption agency to be disbursed to the correct areas; travel and administrative and foreign fees.

Questions about our fundraising… this is our Immediate needs:

Immediate Fundraising Need:
$1200 USCIS Fees
$3150 CCAI Program Fees     PAID

Breakdown of what we are currently fundraising to cover:
$ 5950 CCAI Adoption Agency Program Fees
   3530 Inter-country Agency fees - Latvia
     850 USCIS
     350 Secretary of State

$  2,260 in US Embassy and Consulate Fees
$ 12,000 in Travel Costs to bring them home first trip!!

Travel costs for Second and Third trip:
Estimated $8,000