Monday, May 7, 2012

...yes pictures...

Dining out

View of the frozen Daugava River from our apartment

Dresses I knew Tall would love

Yes in the pastry shop, oranges.

Statue park

Site of the First Christmas Tree, Riga Latvia

Rooster is the symbol in Riga

This was a very interesting themed restaurant  decorated outside and in.

Inside the medieval restaurant the boys are unwrapping their bread


the stairway was too cool

Medieval Princess

There was a well in the middle of the restaurant

Inside of the front door.

and pictures

walking through old Riga

Stunning Bridge

Chris patiently relaxing while the boys tromped in the snow.

Tromping about

View from the fourth floor of our apartment into the courtyard.

Look at that face on the building there.   I know, right.

This is a train bridge, brilliantly illuminated in blue at night.  Runs across the Daugava River

Yes, I loved the roosters on the spires.
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