Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Viral Rash ...

My sweet small boy has not been feeling well.  Red cheeks, Headache.  Friday night/Saturday he was vomiting for about 8 hours, and he ran an armpit digital temp of 103+  yikes, complained of the hotness and the headache.  Saturday and Sunday the fever got better and he was up and about Monday.  He did complain about itchy skin on back/side.  I brilliantly ignored it and pressed on with life  (with all the temperature change we figured it was dry skin).  Tuesday around noon he was completely broken out in red raised bumps.  Everywhere.  It is not limited to torso, they are on arms legs, groin, torso, back, neck, face, ears, hands.  Just not palms and soles of feet.  Called and then went to the doctor. 

Nurse practitioner says "well he hasn't had the varicella vaccine." to which I replied "Yes, because we had chicken pox last year, so he doesn't need the vaccine!" "It doesn't look like chicken pox"-Nurse "yes, I remember what they look like from when he had them and these are definitely Not chicken pox, there is no yellow in the middle!" - Me

She brings in another doctor to look at his skin.   At which point the both confirmed it was not chicken pox.  "Yes, when I called I told you we had them, last year and I clearly remember what that rash looks like."  Pretty righteous cases in my Tall and Small last year, Tall had to go to the hospital for one on her eyeball.  (you are his regular doctors with a chart and everything, right?) 
"Probably a Viral rash" they said.  "Can happen with a bad virus. or Possibly food allergy" "Call us if they turn dark purple" (at this point, I am thinking seriously??)  
(we have been snowbound and had nothing, I repeat nothing unusual or new! and no new clothing or soaps)

Wednesday, today the hives are worse.  With benedryl...  he now has them crawling up into his scalp and his eyes are all hivey and swollen.  

My poor little guy!!  He is so itchy!!  Even with benedryl and ice packs.  (And he is refusing to take a bath, sigh) :)    I just thought I would be kind and share the pics.  Thanks for your prayers!!

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