Saturday, January 30, 2010

and other times..

You have to build stuff!

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Sometimes ...

You just have to climb in!

and look through "binoculars"

Ahoy, mateys.

and sometimes you have to eat your "binoculars"

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

mmmm, Pot Roast !!

Today, let's make a pot roast
in the slow cooker.

Often referred to as a "Crock Pot"
which is really only a brand name.

You can use any size slow cooker, if your roast is too big, simply cut it to fit.

I used a 5.5 Quart Crock Slow Cooker.

Finished Product
(seriously, all I did was lift the lid and it looked like this)

On the platter for slicing.

Serving & Eating
(with boiled & buttered potatoes, petite peas, & spinach)

Let's begin...

Assemble all your ingredients.
(well, all except the secret ingredient, to be revealed in a few moments)

Salt, Pepper, Sweet Basil, Onion, Kitchen Bouquet (browning sauce), Beef Broth (1 can)
& a Beef Boneless Rump Roast, Chuck Roast or Beef Sirloin Tip Roast.

First, Peel the onion...
Take off all the brown papery stuff
and cut off the ends.

Cut into slices.

Lay onion in bottom of crock.

Rinse your hands with Lemon Juice, over the sink.
Like a Tablespoon of juice.
It takes the "oniony" smell off them.
Yes, really.
Dry them with a paper towel.
You will wash them in soap and water AFTER you handle the meat.

Now, Open the Roast package and leave the wrappings behind,
like this...
Recycle the styrofoam if possible.
We wash it and use if for arts and crafts, it makes a great paint mixing tray for the kids.

Place the roast into the crockpot, on top of the onion.
Pretty, eh.

Now, wash your hands in soap and water, you just handled raw beef.

Moving on...
Pour a bit of browning sauce over it.

Sprinkle it with salt, pepper and sweet basil leaves.

Now for the secret Ingredient...

Worcestershire Sauce
(any brand will do fine)
Lee & Perrins is Gluten Free

Pour a liberal Tablespoon over the top.

Add a can of Beef Broth.
(again, any brand will do)
We use Swanson, because it is Gluten Free.

Now, pour some water over the roast, to cover.

It should look like this.

Cook on LOW for 6-8 Hours.

Serve with yummy bread and veggies.

(We use fresh or frozen, lightly steamed veggies)

My handsome hubby likes brown mustard with the meat. We serve that at the table.

We had foccacia bread this time. mmm.
Warmed in a 425 degree oven for 5-8 minutes before meal.
Simply set the loaf on the rack or a pizza stone.

Delicious Comfort Food.

Let's look again at our finished meal...


A few cooks notes;
Some people will brown the meat on all sides, in a separate pan in oil before putting it in the crockpot. I skipped this step to save on fat. It was equally as tender and fell apart the same as if I had browned it separately.

I have cooked potatoes and carrots in the same crock as the meat on many occasions. I think the veggies taste better and are healthier if cooked separately. I am sure that is because we use fresh veggies and typically steam them. ~ Yes, this time I boiled and buttered potatoes. It was a comfort food meal after all.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

No Truth in Advertising ...

Cake, Mommy!

Hey ... this is not cake ...

I wanted CAKE !

My sweet boy learned that the picture on the box, is not always what is in the box.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"Tangle" said small.

Right after he ripped this page out a 2nd grade math book and ran over to me, waving the page.

Ahh, young brilliant minds.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chicken in Lemon & Butter with Rice


Preheat oven to 350 degrees


You will need : Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts


Paprika, Ground Black Pepper, Lemon Juice

and a Stick of Margarine.


Place the chicken breasts in a 9 x 12 Glass Pan.

I usually cook 4. You can do 3 -6 in this recipe.

Try to place them pretty side down.


Pour 1/2 Cup of Lemon Juice over them.


Slice the ENTIRE stick of margarine and place on the chicken breasts.


Sprinkle liberally with paprika and pepper.


Place in your preheated oven.

For 30 minutes. Set the timer. It’s easier.

AFTER the timer sounds, take out the pan,

Flip the chicken over; and Sprinkle Liberally with Paprika.

Put it back in the oven for about 25 minutes.

At this point, start the rice to cooking.


Take 1 Cup of White Rice


Pour 2 Cups of Water into a pan that has a lid.


I use simple white rice for this.


You can use Brown Rice, but it TAKES 40- 50 Minutes to cook.

If you roll that way, start Brown Rice when you start the chicken.


The pan should have rice, water and a pat of butter in it.

See the little pat, like you use on toast. Seriously.

(Yes, I had fun with that)

Bring the pot of rice to boiling and then immediately turn it down to simmer for 20 minutes, covered with that lid. When the TIMER goes off for the chicken, your rice should be done too.

After the full cooking time on the chicken,

(55 Minutes)

it looks GORGEOUS… like this…


Serve it on a plate. Seriously.

Take the “Gravy” the margarine and lemon juice created while cooking

and pour some over your rice. Magnificent!



This would be a great dish to serve with one of those steam bags of Green Giant Peas.