Friday, January 8, 2010

I've been waiting ...

Okay... so you continue to sing the song that goes with that line (and yer welcome for the earwig!)

I have been waiting, for what seems like such a long time. I am sure he feels like he has been waiting longer, what with all that time in school before he even met me getting his Masters. :)

Waiting, to see my darling husband walk into all that he is called to be. I know not everybody gets to the place of being hired into their "dream job". Yet that is what has happened to us. My handsome hubby is now the Worship director with our church. What a fantastic thing. He gets to do what he loves full time. and then some. He is actually being paid to oversee and be involved in worship on many levels, including pouring his time into the Gateway House of Prayer as well as leading a worship team with our home church.

Fantabulous & Phenom.

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