Monday, June 13, 2011

What's growing ... and what's not

First off, I have already been plagued by pests.
the caterpillar.

They seem to love the broccoli and brussels.

I have been handpicking them off and either drowning or smashing them.

So, lots and lots of things are growing like crazy out in my garden. I have also had lots of other pests (mostly aphids, but a few beetles too). Some plants are doing spectacular and others are failing and I don't know why.

This is a leaf from a summer squash plant that I pinched off. The rest of the same plant seems fine.

The rest of the leaves look pretty good?? Unless the light veining is a bad thing?

I don't remember what pest makes this leaf track...

This is one earthbox full of beans.
See how the ones in back are huge and the ones in front are kinda measly?

This is a gorgeous heirloom tomato.

Right next to that gorgeous tomato, it's
sister in the box is failing. No idea.
It doesn't appear to be cutworms, but that is my best guess.
One day the plant had flopped over and I stood it back up
and it wilted after that.
Now I will have to replant that side of the earthbox.

This is my pretty little orange tree. See the new blossoms it is putting on.
It has yellow leaves and I don't know why.
I gave it nitrogen and a basic fertilizer.
and the soil is drying between waterings.
Why in the world are the leaves browning and curling up like that.
I know the holes are from the beetles. Insecticidal soap. :)

Another healthy Brandywine tomato
WHY are the lower leaves curling up like that?

This is one of the healthier bean earthboxes.
But some of the leaves are still yellowing, browning and curling up?

This is my Calypso bean. ALL 16 seedlings did this.
I am thinking some disease in this particular packet of seed??

and on a much lighter fun note:
I have identified the mysterious volunteer vine in the compost pile,
Can you guess what that is??

Yup! Not a melon. A very pretty Butternut Squash Vine !!

and that concludes today's post.

Except for one more scraggledy bean plant. sigh.

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