Thursday, June 2, 2011

How does your Garden Grow ?

In no particular order:

These are most of the plants in my garden on June 1, 2011.

Hillbillly potato leaf Tomato plant

Tiger Eye Beans

Calypso Beans

First Blueberry turning Blue.

Butternut Squash
(only 3 of 4 germinated the first time)

Brussel Sprouts

Broccoli Heads

We're going to eat these tonight!

(notice only 2 of 4 seeds germinated)


More Lettuce!


Black Brandywine Tomato Plants

Strawberry Plants

Compost Pile Garden
growing Corn, Jacobs Cattle beans and
a mystery volunteer melon plant
(either honeydew or cantelope)

Doux deEspagne is the larger 3 in front
Yellow Snack Bell are the 3 smaller in back

Bloesser Pink and Yellow Tomato plants

Broccoli and Brussels

Snap Peas!

3 x 3 Raised Bed
Snap peas at the back
Cucumber and Radishes in middle
Brussels in front

Cayenne Pepper
(not sure why it is purple - it's a mystery plant)

3 x 3 Raised Bed
Silvery Fir Leaf (Determinate) tomato on Left front and back
Cayenne middle back
Blondkopfchen yellow cherry tomato back right
Doux deEspagne middle
Yellow Crookneck Squash middle Left
Orange Sweet Bell middle Right
Yellow snack pepper middle front
Bi-color Cherry right front
another pic of the sugar snap peas

I also have at least 2 more varities of beans, but they all look about the same right now!

I have not yet planted my sweet potatoes. I need to build a bed for them first!
I think the garden looks fabulous for June 1!

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Darlene M said...

You, my friend, have been a busy little bee. Everything looks amazing! Good work!!