Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Red Berries and the Small that ate them...

So your meal stays balanced...

I planted these broccoli seeds in late march and then tranplanted them to the Earthboxes.
We have Broccoli Florets!

Now LOOK...
we have strawberries ripening!

Small headed out into the garden this morning,
and was trying to figure out how to pick them.
The netting was in his way.
He was way excited about it and talked rapidly about them,
until I said "do you want me to pick them for you"
and then a resounding "yes" followed.
And much munching and smiling.
then he ran in the house to tell daddy!

We won't have any to make preserves or dried fruit from for years.

But I don't really mind.
It brings that boy so much joy to eat right out of the garden.

This is what the strawberry pyramid looks like with the netting in place.
It was worth every penny.

Though, I did a poor job of bending the rods.
It seems to hold up to bad weather. :)

Just so you can see how huge the broccoli plants are getting.

and yes, that is a tiny little tomato transplant in the earthbox behind the broccoli!

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