Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cute !

This is our new eat in kitchen space.
(with the leaf in!)
Pretty cute all dressed up
with my mom's tablecloth.

This is the picture ad when I found it.
I would say it is a very unique Retro 1950's Dinette set.

I like it!

(Thanks honey for indulging me!)

It totally makes the kitchen.
We have eaten at it several times and had a family game night too!


Funny story that goes with it.
I was looking on craigslist for an inexpensive or free retro little table and chairs for the kitchen. Many reasons, breakfast and lunch crumbs having a lot to do with it, plus we have the space in the kitchen. I found a table on craigslist at a local resale shop. So we went to look at it, but this resale store was closed, so we looked through the gate door. I saw this little set and liked it, better than the table we came to look at. Two days later we went to check out some retro white vinyl chairs. Which we bought and were headed back to this store to get the first table, because it was cheaper, having no matching chairs. When we got to the store, we looked and sat down at this table and then were talking with the owner. We asked her if she would consider trading us the chairs we had just bought and bringing down the price on the dinette set. She walked out to our van and looked at the chairs and to my surprise she agreed.
Now I have this sweet little set in my kitchen!
... and I may have a new favorite little shop too.
But, how much retro can one house stand?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adventures in Living ...


Tonight, as we sat on our couch waayyy later than usual (11:30) eating some ice cream, several things were explained.

That funny smell in the house. Maybe musty, but maybe an animal lived here before?
(This is a no pets no exceptions rental.)

The boys room smelling like crib sheets needed to be changed, because maybe a diaper leaked.
only, it doesn't really help.

The little pieces of insulation on the ground in the basement, right around the base of the stack.
The fireplace area smelling like maybe a bird was caught in the chimmney the other day.

That funny smell in the house.

All explained by this:

A little brown mouse poking his head out from under our loveseat and totally freaking Chris and then me out.

Oh, I'm sure in a few weeks we would have figured this out. Like when we turned on the furnace.

Because when he disappeared...

IT was into the furnace return.

They have a nest in there. I'm sure of it. I keep smelling it.


Mouse traps tomorrow.

Carpet cleaning this week...

More bleach in the drains. Just because.

Thank God most things in the basement are in Rubbermaid tubs.


Well, better explained than not explained. :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The dust is beginning to settle ...

Who knew it would settle all over the children?
(see my fireplace with the earthbox plants in front of it!)
Small and Medium are
having the time of their lives.

So cute and sooooo dusty.

Seriously, we went outside one day last week when it was perfect weather outside. Hubby and I planted some FREE Yucca's I found on craigslist and the boys played in the dirt. Waaaay too much fun.
The boys had baths 4 times in 2 days. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh I got my "Can" on...

and it ain't no Dalton Butt. (ha ha) ~ inside family joke.

This is the beauty I canned yesterday...
5 jars of low sugar Peach Jam
5 jars of Peach Jam
2 Jars of peaches in syrup (for topping biscuits)
this is what we started with...

This is what how beautiful they were
(before I put in them into hot syrup to hot pack them into
the jars ... they shrank down, a lot.)

Pits. I think we may try to plant them, It's science.

This juice we save along with the skins to make peach honey...

Mashing some for jam...

It is always fun to can. :)
Tall and I worked from about 1 until 5.
Not a bad haul for a busy afternoon.