Saturday, November 17, 2012

Balloons in our Backyard

 Imagine my surprise seeing this out the back window!

 Standing at our fence, looking across 141, this balloon was super close to our house.

It was eleven minutes of excitement for all the boys as it moved all the way down our backyard fence line parallel with 141.  It was crazy low and looked like it was going to drag a roof or a tree, before it set down.  Crazy!  It was fun for them to see one so close to our house. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What happens when you fall off the radar...

Well, truthfully...lots!

When I am not blogging, my husband has more of me and so do my children.  Right now, it's wee hours of morning and I am not sleeping while everyone else is... And it is snuggly under my covers, so here I am!

We are simply super busy... And the times I could write a blog, I am probably painting or cooking instead, sorry.  This morning I left the space heater off in the studio, so it's too cold to go out there and work!  I will go to class later this morning and get my studio time in.

The boys are doing fabulously in school.  M2 and T are having great success and communicating well in English and fitting in fabulously.  My small guy is loving preschool.  Tall girl is enjoying her college classes and working almost full time too.  That's one way to buy a car!  Every day is a happy frenzy of activity.

Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming holidays.  Especially Christmas!!