Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miscellaneous June and July!

Matthan's #5 Diego Cupcake CakeMatthan doing the dino dig
Dino footprints led his bday guests around to the Dino Cave!

July 4th at Uncle Josh's

Aunt Tammy with Westley & Aunt Paige with Gideon

A little light reading

Yes, that is a bucket on his head ... so cute

Sorry, these photos have been trapped in the computer!

Cup Day

Caitlyn & Westley

New spokesperson for Silk !

Whaddya mean I should drink it?
Mommy drinks it for me!

No really, it's FABULOUS...
just ask Mommy & Daddy and Matthan and Caitlyn!

The best part about the Silk experience this morning was that Westley was sitting without the bumbo and without me holding him up! He can sit for several seconds with pretty good balance and even sits on the floor for a couple of minutes. 5 months old!

Plus we tried out the cup today... he actually got a little water from it too. Milestones are zipping right by! He is trying to crawl on the floor when we have tummy time too. It all really goes too fast.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Grant's Farm a couple of weeks ago!

Mommy & BoysIsaiah, Kate, Jacob & Matthan

Matthan running through the mister

They look like brothers, but not exactly alike!

Westley looks real happy about being held up
even if it's only a water pistol (ha, ha)

Westley at Grant's Farm
in the new "Moby" Wrap

Jacob and Matthan

Mommy & Westley

While Caitlyn was in Kansas City, Paige took the boys to Grant's Farm with her friend Tracie and kids. It was a perfect sunny day, not too hot, very fun!

The two pics of the boys with swimsuits on is just one day we were playing outside in the water and Matthan was clowning around and wanted to hold Westley.

Lets talk catch up pics here...

Sir Westley reading a book (and sitting slightly assisted)

What a face!

Cherry tomatoes - my plant

Again, my plant

My first large tomato.... not quite ripe

Whatcha doin Mom?

Playing around (supposed to be sleeping!)

This is a gorgeous field(s) of Sunflowers on the way to Kansas City

Not sure I can pick which is best to paint...

I Love you Mommy!
Same field different angle
They just seemed to go on forever

"It is official... I have now tried rice cereal...

and I'm not too sure I want to ever try it again!"

Okay... I am just kidding around with that... He really loved the cereal. I just "caught" that pic in between smiling and opening for more. That was last night (by the way, it did not help him sleep any longer arrgh.) We tried giving him cereal again tonight, before a wonderful bath ... we will see if he sleeps longer. We HAVE to get him to go longer than 2.5 hours at night for our own sake of rest!

Looks more like Mommy really

This baby pic is of Paige!!

The bottom one is Westley!!!

Okay, for years I have said (okay complained) that my kids don't look anything like me. There are the obvious Anderson resemblances with Caitlyn, now more than ever, she looks like my mom. No ones even needs to mention that Matthan is a replica of Chris!

Now I have one that looks unmistakably like me... it is very cool to look at your child and see hints of your own baby pictures... with a bit of my big brother thrown in for good measure!

He has my nose (Praise God!), my mouth, my chin, my cheeks and maybe even my forehead (though hard to discern in this pic)... his head however is shaped like his Uncle Brad.

Let's all be quite clear... He has the Clausen Ears! and possibly the Clausen disposition (another huge Praise God here!)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry about the lack of postings

We have had computer difficulties these past three weeks... First we cannot get photos to work on the imac... then the pc went down and had to be sent back and forth to dell twice... ugh. Now we are trying to get back on track with the dell and it seems to have some of the original problem still happening... but wouldn't you know it, the warranty ran out between the first two sendings and now i have to buy a new warranty before i can send it back... so... it may be a bit before you see the beautiful faces of our children online.

Today at dinner Westley (now 5 mos, can you believe it?!) tried to drink from Paige's water glass.... he got all excited as she was taking a drink and grabbed for it. So she let him grab it and he pulled it to his mouth and stuck his tongue into the mouth of the glass... she tipped it up and he had his first official drink of water! He is such a smiley happy baby all the time. We are all really enjoying him.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Brad's First Bath

The resemblance to Westley is uncanny. Sorry for the poor photo quality... we will get a better pic up soon. :) This is a pic from 45 years ago after all. Westley's nose is still looking like Paige's !!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Night Snuggled Tight

This is the first time Westley has rolled off his stomach and stayed asleep. We came in to go to bed and found him like this... too cute all snuggly with his lovey.

Good Night Snuggled Tight

This is the first time Westley has rolled off his stomach and stayed asleep. We came in to go to bed and found him like this... too cute all snuggly with his lovey.
Westley in the Kitchen Sink!Matthan having pizza outside the HOP in KC!

I took these two pics with my cell phone. I just stuck Westley into the sink this morning just because. He was staring into the fixture because it is so shiny! I snapped the other one as Matthan was hanging out with Olivia Riddering in Kansas City while the teens were getting registered (which took three hours for us) and having a pizza dinner.

Kansas City was great. The drive home was peaceful and pretty. Though it was mostly dark we had great music. Matthan fell asleep playing Gameboy... it was hanging from his hands! He didn't do that until around 11 pm though, poor kid slept until almost 9 today. We didn't get home until midnight and it was so very hard to get up with Westley every two hours after that. The road trip has his schedule off a bit, we will try to remedy that tonight.