Monday, July 28, 2008

Lets talk catch up pics here...

Sir Westley reading a book (and sitting slightly assisted)

What a face!

Cherry tomatoes - my plant

Again, my plant

My first large tomato.... not quite ripe

Whatcha doin Mom?

Playing around (supposed to be sleeping!)

This is a gorgeous field(s) of Sunflowers on the way to Kansas City

Not sure I can pick which is best to paint...

I Love you Mommy!
Same field different angle
They just seemed to go on forever

"It is official... I have now tried rice cereal...

and I'm not too sure I want to ever try it again!"

Okay... I am just kidding around with that... He really loved the cereal. I just "caught" that pic in between smiling and opening for more. That was last night (by the way, it did not help him sleep any longer arrgh.) We tried giving him cereal again tonight, before a wonderful bath ... we will see if he sleeps longer. We HAVE to get him to go longer than 2.5 hours at night for our own sake of rest!

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