Monday, July 28, 2008

Looks more like Mommy really

This baby pic is of Paige!!

The bottom one is Westley!!!

Okay, for years I have said (okay complained) that my kids don't look anything like me. There are the obvious Anderson resemblances with Caitlyn, now more than ever, she looks like my mom. No ones even needs to mention that Matthan is a replica of Chris!

Now I have one that looks unmistakably like me... it is very cool to look at your child and see hints of your own baby pictures... with a bit of my big brother thrown in for good measure!

He has my nose (Praise God!), my mouth, my chin, my cheeks and maybe even my forehead (though hard to discern in this pic)... his head however is shaped like his Uncle Brad.

Let's all be quite clear... He has the Clausen Ears! and possibly the Clausen disposition (another huge Praise God here!)

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