Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Westley in the Kitchen Sink!Matthan having pizza outside the HOP in KC!

I took these two pics with my cell phone. I just stuck Westley into the sink this morning just because. He was staring into the fixture because it is so shiny! I snapped the other one as Matthan was hanging out with Olivia Riddering in Kansas City while the teens were getting registered (which took three hours for us) and having a pizza dinner.

Kansas City was great. The drive home was peaceful and pretty. Though it was mostly dark we had great music. Matthan fell asleep playing Gameboy... it was hanging from his hands! He didn't do that until around 11 pm though, poor kid slept until almost 9 today. We didn't get home until midnight and it was so very hard to get up with Westley every two hours after that. The road trip has his schedule off a bit, we will try to remedy that tonight.

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