Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coming back to finish breakfast

Sorry, we disturbed your breakfast.

this one came back 15 min later

to feast on something furry and small

undeterred by me moving about

It was about 50 feet from our house.

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Knock off that racket


The good news is they are carnivorious,

so, they won't be eating my garden.

The bad news is...

There is more than one...

actually, more than two...

Three in this pack

A trio of Coyotes.

Living in the 10 acre yard behind my yard.

I wonder if Animal Control will come and trap them out?

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Tall

Truly our Beautiful.

It seems hard to believe you are 15 today.

In the blink of an eye,
you went from climbing your first tree
to learning to drive a car.

A precious little girl in twirly dresses,
to a lovely lady.

We love you!!

Mommy & Daddy

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Visitors continued

Cousin G in the kitchen.

The girls having piggyback rides.

Good Times, Good Times!

True story.

Visitors - Birthday Weekend ...

Mmmm. Cupcakes!

We celebrate 2 birthdays this time every February...
Small and Tall.

This year, our schedule is so hectic, we SQUEEZED in a quick visit with local family today.

My apologies, time was way too short.

We should have left more time for visiting.

anyway... a great time was had by all....

Small and Aunt D

Friend & Tall !

Small & Cousin G!
With his new Submarine...
he practically took it with him to sleep tonight.

Cousin G with Mommy (behind him).
This was a very fun gift...

an Eyeclops.

Once opened, we all spent a fun time gathered around looking at
200x all kinds of random things.

Very cool.

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Thanks everyone!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Small!

We Love YOU!

and your silly sweet ways...

what a face!

yup, you're a cutie!

Happy Birthday to YOU!

If Mommy was this creative...

Elmo Cake Pops by Bakerella.

(Elmo pops by Bakerella)

We'd be eating these!

Instead, we will have yummy confetti cupcakes
made with Love by your siblings!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

(Gorgeous Artistic Cake by peasacake)

Recipe for a romantic evening ...

Tuck the children in bed...

Grab your loved one,

Sit in front of the fire,

for a truly candle lit dinner,

a dinner of bacon wrapped filets, broccoli with cheese sauce, Twice baked potatoes and a lovely red wine...


Open all the windows and watch the snow gently falling...

while you snuggle together,

and watch "The Princess Bride".

well, that's what we're doing anyway! Have a Fabulous Valentines Day.

(What with all the snow falling, I'm glad we had already planned an evening at home!)

Don't forget the Chocolate Silk Pie for dessert!

(or you could simply have that cake pictured above from Cake Central ... what gorgeous art!)

and this is how we end our story ...

Monday, February 8, 2010

How we eat around here...


This small boy poured his own plate while waiting for supper to be served.

mm Cheese.

I know I post a lot of pics with children eating food. It's a great time to catch them sitting still-ish.

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Are you kidding me...

Look what I saw running around in our yard this evening.

Forgive me for these photos, it was twilight, snowing and through the glass.

hmm, wonder who our visitor could be?

At first, I thought it was our fox.

um, no.

That there is a coyote.

Not a dawg. A coyote.

We kept hearing what sounded like a coyote,

and wondering how in the world that could be.

This is suburbia in Missouri.

We thought maybe there was a litter of foxes.

That is until tonight.

When I saw this one in our yard.

Truthfully, I saw it closer than this, but I had to grab my camera

and yell for Medium to come look,

before I snapped these marvelous blue photos.
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