Monday, February 8, 2010

Are you kidding me...

Look what I saw running around in our yard this evening.

Forgive me for these photos, it was twilight, snowing and through the glass.

hmm, wonder who our visitor could be?

At first, I thought it was our fox.

um, no.

That there is a coyote.

Not a dawg. A coyote.

We kept hearing what sounded like a coyote,

and wondering how in the world that could be.

This is suburbia in Missouri.

We thought maybe there was a litter of foxes.

That is until tonight.

When I saw this one in our yard.

Truthfully, I saw it closer than this, but I had to grab my camera

and yell for Medium to come look,

before I snapped these marvelous blue photos.
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