Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

(Gorgeous Artistic Cake by peasacake)

Recipe for a romantic evening ...

Tuck the children in bed...

Grab your loved one,

Sit in front of the fire,

for a truly candle lit dinner,

a dinner of bacon wrapped filets, broccoli with cheese sauce, Twice baked potatoes and a lovely red wine...


Open all the windows and watch the snow gently falling...

while you snuggle together,

and watch "The Princess Bride".

well, that's what we're doing anyway! Have a Fabulous Valentines Day.

(What with all the snow falling, I'm glad we had already planned an evening at home!)

Don't forget the Chocolate Silk Pie for dessert!

(or you could simply have that cake pictured above from Cake Central ... what gorgeous art!)

and this is how we end our story ...

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The Amazing Supermom said...

reading your blog makes ne hungry.