Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More more more!

No really...

Matthan has to wear the boot cast for a week longer and then he needs to wear an air cast (which is really a type of splint) for another 4-6 weeks. We go back to Dr. Otis at the end of December and we shall see if the break in his ankle bone looks or feels any better.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Fun Fun Fun

Um, how many people does it take to bathe Matthan?
No, seriously... Westley had to "help" Daddy... apparently the boys make too much noise and he cannot sleep during his brother's bath. Matthan just thought it was too funny to have him standing at the edge of the tub.

Licking the spatula...

Licking the beaters from the mixer.

Again with the mixer beaters. :)

We baked cookies on Thursday YUM!! Nothing like homemade chocolate chip cookies... you can see what Matthan's second favorite job is... licking the utensils.

We had a mellow weekend. Saturday was a run around day... then we watched Kung Fu Panda with the kids, very hilarious! Sunday was church, Caitlyn got her hairs cut and then we had a marvelous pot roast dinner. Tomorrow we have potato pancakes for breakfast with a side of fresh pumpkin bread! I love the fall/winter baking season!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are you crabby or is that a new tooth I see?!

Well... Westley has been a bit of a crab these past few days plus the whole sleep for 1.5 hours at a time thing. Today I was giving him a bite to eat and he bit me... gently but with a tooth on top too! I never expected to find his left front tooth broken through and pushing in... it is as far in as one of his bottom two! He also has another couple of top teeth coming in. All four top front teeth are on their way in at the same time, poor little guy is hurting in his mouth right now! With a constant dose of tylenol in his system, he seems to be okay... but I can't let it wear off or I get 30 minutes of misery (his) to contend with. Excited to see his choppers coming in, it means all those chunks of veggies he has been gumming will soon be chewed.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Officially Crawling Now!

Westley is really crawling now. He is consistantly on hands and knees as of today! He really only uses the army crawl when the terrain is uncertain, like ceramic tile. Too FUN!!!

I have finally finished "ripening" the last of the pears. Meaning I have left them in a brown paper sack in the bottom of my pantry until they are nice and yellow and juicy and sweet! I pureed all but 5 of them and put the puree into the freezer for baby food! I did dice a few... he is eating chunky fruits now! Done putting up the gleaned fruit!

Tracie came over on Thursday afternoon and hung out for awhile. This is just a cute shot of her with Westley!

Matthan playing with his food. He is quite the artist no matter the medium.


Matthan was singing this at the table at lunch today...

Halleluia, Cheezits, Cheezits,
Animal cookies
Halleluia, Cheezits, Cheezits

(the song really goes: Halleluia, Jesus, Jesus!)

We are so teaching the boys right!

Then we find out that he was singing this at church today in sunday school to get the laugh!

At home after realization hits that everybody thinks this is hilarious...
He begins to sing Mommy's tune

Halleluia, Cheesecake, Cheesecake
Halleluia, Cheesecake, Cheesecake

Gotta love this boy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Out of the Mouths

Today we are trying to read a short story (Matthan has one for class every day of the week). It is called Fun Rides and he is trying to tell by the title and the picture what the story is about. I ask him where he thinks they are. He reads the title and is looking at the cover. There is a picture of a mom, daughter and a small ferris wheel in the background. I am looking for him to say they are at a carnival or fair. He says "I think they are at sixteen flags". Too cute. We have never taken him to six flags, but we did point it out once when we drove past. We don't really do amusement parks, cost is a factor yes, but I cannot ride most rides due to my back and up to now, Matthan has not shown anything other than fear for riding stuff. He refused any rides at Silver Dollar City two years ago. As he "runs" around the house in yet another cast... can you blame him. How many kids do you know that have broken as many bones in as many years as he has.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just hanging out tonight...

Just hanging around with the boys tonight. Reading a story or two before bed. Everybody is doing well. Matthan has "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and Westley has "Flying Butter".

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Matthan was limping severely this morning and told us his foot hurt... so after a little examining... we figured we better call Dr. O. We were right on to do so.

Matthan has done it again... He is sporting a boot cast on his right foot. He has a "microfracture" in his right ankle. His growth plate in that ankle looks terrible as well. Dr. O is going to check it again in 3 weeks when the boot comes off. Whether or not the growth plate is still "sick" will determine what happens next with that ankle. The inside part of his ankle bones look to have a constant stress fracture. I wonder if that is what they see inside mine?

They took the standard x-rays plus the full standing hip/leg shot. In 4-6 weeks they will do another full hip/leg shot because it appears that the pins in his left hip are migrating. Normally they would migrate their way out, but in Matthan's case they are migrating the wrong way... into his hip joint. Not where they should be and it could be quite a problem if they actually move past the cartilidge into the joint. Dr. O said we would know by the pain he incurs. Other than that... his hips look great. Both Growth plates are well and staying in place.

Next visit (3 weeks) they will also fit him for a lift... an orthotic lift for inside the shoe to help compensate for the difference in leg length... 5/8 of an inch now. It appears to be getting bigger (the gap) and it is definitely affecting the way he walks.

What a fun afternoon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Toothies!! and other Westley milestones!

The second bottom tooth has finally broken ground through those tough gums! Westley has two bottom teethers ... well they still have to come up all the way... but they are both visible now!

He loves to eat... anything. He likes to have what we are having at the table, either served to him in highchair or sitting on Paige's lap. He self feeds bite size everything if possible. honey nut cheerios are a big hit. He still loves baby oatmeal with fruit... typically applesauce or pearsauce (homemade of course). He drinks from a cup, water for fun really. He still nurses full time.

He is such a cute little guy. He can get to sitting from lying down and vice versa with ease now, just this week. He is army crawling all over... he gets up on hands and knees and rocks for a couple of days now, but he prefers to drop to his belly and pull his body along for a ways to get something he wants. He prefers of all things to be held, by Mommy. But anyone will do when he doesn't want to be set down. He gets excited for all of us and does a power crunch... too cute. He babbles all the time... very vocal.

He loves other babies and simply wants to put them in his mouth! We visited with cousin Gideon last week and he wanted to climb on him and pull his hair and try to eat him. Verrry cute. Gideon is 3 months younger... but only an inch or two shorter! Westley totally outweighs him though. He also played with a baby at church on Sunday... who outcrawled Westley all over the place (being that he was months older!)... all Westley wanted to do was grab him and put him in his mouth... and smile a lot at him.

We installed the new car seat, it still has to be backward until a year but he had outgrown by weight, not height the infant car seat. Still... eight months is pretty good for a carrier seat.

He is keeping us both very busy. We did joke this morning that it will be busier once he really crawls on hands and knees. What a fun interactive stage he is in right now. We love to hear him talking to us in the mornings... peering at us from standing position in the crib at the foot of the bed.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lite the Nite costumes

Mommy, Westley-Skunk, Fire-Matthan, Princess-Caitlyn

Lucy & Matthan