Thursday, November 13, 2008

Out of the Mouths

Today we are trying to read a short story (Matthan has one for class every day of the week). It is called Fun Rides and he is trying to tell by the title and the picture what the story is about. I ask him where he thinks they are. He reads the title and is looking at the cover. There is a picture of a mom, daughter and a small ferris wheel in the background. I am looking for him to say they are at a carnival or fair. He says "I think they are at sixteen flags". Too cute. We have never taken him to six flags, but we did point it out once when we drove past. We don't really do amusement parks, cost is a factor yes, but I cannot ride most rides due to my back and up to now, Matthan has not shown anything other than fear for riding stuff. He refused any rides at Silver Dollar City two years ago. As he "runs" around the house in yet another cast... can you blame him. How many kids do you know that have broken as many bones in as many years as he has.

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