Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Fun Fun Fun

Um, how many people does it take to bathe Matthan?
No, seriously... Westley had to "help" Daddy... apparently the boys make too much noise and he cannot sleep during his brother's bath. Matthan just thought it was too funny to have him standing at the edge of the tub.

Licking the spatula...

Licking the beaters from the mixer.

Again with the mixer beaters. :)

We baked cookies on Thursday YUM!! Nothing like homemade chocolate chip cookies... you can see what Matthan's second favorite job is... licking the utensils.

We had a mellow weekend. Saturday was a run around day... then we watched Kung Fu Panda with the kids, very hilarious! Sunday was church, Caitlyn got her hairs cut and then we had a marvelous pot roast dinner. Tomorrow we have potato pancakes for breakfast with a side of fresh pumpkin bread! I love the fall/winter baking season!

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