Sunday, November 16, 2008

Officially Crawling Now!

Westley is really crawling now. He is consistantly on hands and knees as of today! He really only uses the army crawl when the terrain is uncertain, like ceramic tile. Too FUN!!!

I have finally finished "ripening" the last of the pears. Meaning I have left them in a brown paper sack in the bottom of my pantry until they are nice and yellow and juicy and sweet! I pureed all but 5 of them and put the puree into the freezer for baby food! I did dice a few... he is eating chunky fruits now! Done putting up the gleaned fruit!

Tracie came over on Thursday afternoon and hung out for awhile. This is just a cute shot of her with Westley!

Matthan playing with his food. He is quite the artist no matter the medium.

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