Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Matthan was limping severely this morning and told us his foot hurt... so after a little examining... we figured we better call Dr. O. We were right on to do so.

Matthan has done it again... He is sporting a boot cast on his right foot. He has a "microfracture" in his right ankle. His growth plate in that ankle looks terrible as well. Dr. O is going to check it again in 3 weeks when the boot comes off. Whether or not the growth plate is still "sick" will determine what happens next with that ankle. The inside part of his ankle bones look to have a constant stress fracture. I wonder if that is what they see inside mine?

They took the standard x-rays plus the full standing hip/leg shot. In 4-6 weeks they will do another full hip/leg shot because it appears that the pins in his left hip are migrating. Normally they would migrate their way out, but in Matthan's case they are migrating the wrong way... into his hip joint. Not where they should be and it could be quite a problem if they actually move past the cartilidge into the joint. Dr. O said we would know by the pain he incurs. Other than that... his hips look great. Both Growth plates are well and staying in place.

Next visit (3 weeks) they will also fit him for a lift... an orthotic lift for inside the shoe to help compensate for the difference in leg length... 5/8 of an inch now. It appears to be getting bigger (the gap) and it is definitely affecting the way he walks.

What a fun afternoon.