Monday, November 3, 2008

Toothies!! and other Westley milestones!

The second bottom tooth has finally broken ground through those tough gums! Westley has two bottom teethers ... well they still have to come up all the way... but they are both visible now!

He loves to eat... anything. He likes to have what we are having at the table, either served to him in highchair or sitting on Paige's lap. He self feeds bite size everything if possible. honey nut cheerios are a big hit. He still loves baby oatmeal with fruit... typically applesauce or pearsauce (homemade of course). He drinks from a cup, water for fun really. He still nurses full time.

He is such a cute little guy. He can get to sitting from lying down and vice versa with ease now, just this week. He is army crawling all over... he gets up on hands and knees and rocks for a couple of days now, but he prefers to drop to his belly and pull his body along for a ways to get something he wants. He prefers of all things to be held, by Mommy. But anyone will do when he doesn't want to be set down. He gets excited for all of us and does a power crunch... too cute. He babbles all the time... very vocal.

He loves other babies and simply wants to put them in his mouth! We visited with cousin Gideon last week and he wanted to climb on him and pull his hair and try to eat him. Verrry cute. Gideon is 3 months younger... but only an inch or two shorter! Westley totally outweighs him though. He also played with a baby at church on Sunday... who outcrawled Westley all over the place (being that he was months older!)... all Westley wanted to do was grab him and put him in his mouth... and smile a lot at him.

We installed the new car seat, it still has to be backward until a year but he had outgrown by weight, not height the infant car seat. Still... eight months is pretty good for a carrier seat.

He is keeping us both very busy. We did joke this morning that it will be busier once he really crawls on hands and knees. What a fun interactive stage he is in right now. We love to hear him talking to us in the mornings... peering at us from standing position in the crib at the foot of the bed.

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