Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry about the lack of postings

We have had computer difficulties these past three weeks... First we cannot get photos to work on the imac... then the pc went down and had to be sent back and forth to dell twice... ugh. Now we are trying to get back on track with the dell and it seems to have some of the original problem still happening... but wouldn't you know it, the warranty ran out between the first two sendings and now i have to buy a new warranty before i can send it back... so... it may be a bit before you see the beautiful faces of our children online.

Today at dinner Westley (now 5 mos, can you believe it?!) tried to drink from Paige's water glass.... he got all excited as she was taking a drink and grabbed for it. So she let him grab it and he pulled it to his mouth and stuck his tongue into the mouth of the glass... she tipped it up and he had his first official drink of water! He is such a smiley happy baby all the time. We are all really enjoying him.

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