Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adventures in Living ...


Tonight, as we sat on our couch waayyy later than usual (11:30) eating some ice cream, several things were explained.

That funny smell in the house. Maybe musty, but maybe an animal lived here before?
(This is a no pets no exceptions rental.)

The boys room smelling like crib sheets needed to be changed, because maybe a diaper leaked.
only, it doesn't really help.

The little pieces of insulation on the ground in the basement, right around the base of the stack.
The fireplace area smelling like maybe a bird was caught in the chimmney the other day.

That funny smell in the house.

All explained by this:

A little brown mouse poking his head out from under our loveseat and totally freaking Chris and then me out.

Oh, I'm sure in a few weeks we would have figured this out. Like when we turned on the furnace.

Because when he disappeared...

IT was into the furnace return.

They have a nest in there. I'm sure of it. I keep smelling it.


Mouse traps tomorrow.

Carpet cleaning this week...

More bleach in the drains. Just because.

Thank God most things in the basement are in Rubbermaid tubs.


Well, better explained than not explained. :)

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Cassidy Baumann Cooley said...

David left a bag of trail mix (a sealed Ziploc bag, mind you) on his end table in living room. Upon further inspection, there was a hole in said bag...upon FURTHER inspection, there were, ahem, droppings by the bag....upon FURTHER INSPECTION, there were other "markers" in the laundry room. Frantic call made to husband: "MOUSETRAPS! MOUSETRAPS! MOUSETRAPS!!!" and 5 texts for further convincing...I am now known as the "mousekiller" to the nephews. The end.