Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh I got my "Can" on...

and it ain't no Dalton Butt. (ha ha) ~ inside family joke.

This is the beauty I canned yesterday...
5 jars of low sugar Peach Jam
5 jars of Peach Jam
2 Jars of peaches in syrup (for topping biscuits)
this is what we started with...

This is what how beautiful they were
(before I put in them into hot syrup to hot pack them into
the jars ... they shrank down, a lot.)

Pits. I think we may try to plant them, It's science.

This juice we save along with the skins to make peach honey...

Mashing some for jam...

It is always fun to can. :)
Tall and I worked from about 1 until 5.
Not a bad haul for a busy afternoon.

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