Saturday, December 27, 2008

Zillions of Photos to Post

I have a zillion Christmas photos to post.

But let me get you all started with this video of Small boy today... taking steps with his new walk behind vehicle...

Thank you Uncle Josh and Aunt Tammy and cousin Gideon. He LOVES this thing and was playing with and then walking behind it within 20 minutes of us getting home today.

We all went to my brother Josh's house today to share dinner and open gifts with my Dad and Mom and brother(s) and sister(s). We enjoyed it and the kids had a total blast.

We were sorry to leave early due to Chris needing to be home to leave and play drums at a gig tonight.

Had I known we would be that pressed (or is it stressed) for time, I might ...

Oh but the weather was too windy and rainy and yukky -

AND the road was flooded we normally would take home so we had to detour on our way back-

...which is GREAT when you are already wondering if you are going to make it somewhere on time...

... you all know I don't like to be late, but did you know Chris cannot even think of being late for any type of work without practically breaking out in hives...

you know those kind on the INSIDE of your skin, but I digress...

I might have driven separately from Chris... but I did not think of it BEFORE we left today. ugh. Makes me look brilliant.

But... I did remember all the food and presents and all the kids I was responsible for and I managed to get them all back home with me too, so that is pretty good, even though I (we) were major time stressed getting out the door.

Chris was loading presents into the van while we were still opening the last one (um, caity... how long DOES that take ... wink wink, smile, smile :) ). Poor Chris barely had time to change into his tux and run out the door to drive for an hour to get to the gig. My sweet man!

yes... I did take a few minutes to snap pictures of my kids with Dandy and GrandDawn before we left, while my handsome WONDERFUL husband loaded our van...

and ohmygosh tammy I realized as I tucked a child into sleep that I totally forgot to hug your face and THANK YOU for organizing and making fabulous food for this... forgive me... you did a wonderful job, we really enjoyed being there! You and Josh are great hosts.

So all that to say...enjoy the quick video... stills will be posted soon!

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