Saturday, November 7, 2009

Praying for Stellan ... Every Day.

This is the face of our prayers this weekend and coming week ...

Little man Stellan is in Boston,
again, this next week.

I borrowed the picture from his mommy's website ...

MckMama & Stellan

so that all you faithful saints will pray immediately upon seeing his precious face
right as you read my post ...

or you can click the MckMama link above and pray for him while you are there checking on his progress - his mom posts tweets on her blog.

Thank you Beloved for being faithful.

Thank you Abba for holding Stellan tightly in your grip, for knowing the plans you have for his life, for giving the doctors the strength and the skill, but most of all for the miracle(s) you work in his life daily. God, you are good.


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