Friday, April 2, 2010

What’s new for the Garden …


Well, I started some peas germinating in lukewarm water overnight…


Plus, I began Eggplant (2) (some of you may remember the Listada de Gandia from 2009)

and some Banana Peppers(2).


Also, Doux de Espagne (6) and Purple Beauty Peppers (3).


Plus the tomatoes are taking off.

Bloesser Yellow, Pink and some Black Brandywine, plus my favorite snacker Bi-Color Cherry.


This is a winter loving Yellow Bloesser. Just for fun. It is actually leggy and spindly.

It still might produce some tomatoes by June.


These are the Strawberries coming back.


I think they are doing well.


These are the peas after 48 hours.

Seriously. I took a store bought package of pea seeds. I soaked half of them in water overnight. Then drained off the water and placed them on a damp paper towel and voila… I have pea germination!

I put them into the dirt in the raised beds yesterday with help from Medium. We planted them 4 inches apart. I am looking to harvest some early peas. (thank you Paul, for your brilliant picture post on peas!)

I will post a garden update soon.

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P~ said...

Like magic isn't it? And don't you love that you KNOW that they have germinated. Must be where the phrase easy-PEASy comes from!
Good luck, glad I could help.