Monday, August 2, 2010

That's WILD

12 jars of
Wild Plum Jam
Isn't it gorgeous!
so to recap:
If you take this:

and Pit them
by slicing off the skin and
the tiny
bit of fleshy pulp attached to said skin ...
and add sugar
and lots and lots of hard work
separating the pits and skins from
the tiny amount of pulp and juice you actually get ..

cooking it down, adding some sure-jel, canning it.

It is totally worth all effort expended!
The color is Captivating!
The flavor is Fabulous!
I will hoard it over the next year,
allowing the family
to eat it exclusively
on Homemade Biscuits!

and we won't make it next year.
Wild Plum that is...
simply because we
no longer own the property
that has the silly tree.
But it has been fun.
and educational and exciting for the children.
and me.

Next time,
we make Apricot or Peach
or something like that.

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