Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gingerbread Village and Trains, oh my ...

This is the top of Small's train.
He did all the detail work himself,
once Mommy piped the icing.

This year, we got a Mini village for Tall instead of 1 house.
It had more candy and different colored icing.
and each boy got a train.
This is Tall's Village!

Very detailed and creative.
"Goodnight snowman, I'll most likely eat you in the morning."
"Dread Pirate Tall"

Each house had a different cookie design.

Great accents throughout town.

The "I want sprinkles" walkway!

Snowman on right with purple border.
Nice icing scarf and buttons!

Small's Train

The "W" Car!

Medium's Train
Please note the beautiful face and
peppermint pathway!

the green icing is the grass
and the white is the snow.

Yes, those are gummy worms!

The "M" Train!

Gorgeous work!

We had a great night decorating... and then I put the children off eating it for a few days,
by not photographing until today! ha.
Yes, they pull the candy off them until they are stripped clean.
The boys will eat a few of the wheel cookies too.

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