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Adoption ... "Why I gave a Boatload..."

“Why I Gave a Boatload of Money to Adoption”- guest post (part 1)

Yesterday I saw an adoptive-mom friend quoted a gazillion times on Facebook. This is what she said:
“When a family seeks help in raising funds for an adoption, it’s not like asking people to pitch in toward a new boat, or help pay for a vacation. What they are doing is committing to heal, with God’s help, a child who has suffered the profound damage of being unwanted and unloved. They are obediently living out the command given in James 1:27 to care for the orphan, clothing the gospel of Christ’s redemption in flesh and blood and now. When they ask for the body of Christ to come alongside them financially and prayerfully, they are giving us the opportunity to be a part of the miracles God works through obedience.” -Ashley Paradis Moreno
This quote got a lot of attention. Too many of us who have begun fundraising for adoption and have heard things like, “If people can’t afford what it costs to adopt, they shouldn’t adopt,” or even worse…rather horribly said to a friend of mine, “How come when YOU hear from God, it costs ME money?” 
Enough of that rubbish! Ugh!
I’ve asked a few very dear people to share on the subject of giving to adoption. I’ve asked them to share because over the past several years, they have given extravagantly to our adoptions. I emailed each of them:
“I have a favor. It’s a writing assignment, should you choose to take on this task. Could you, would you PLEASE write a guest post for my blog. “Why I Gave a Boatload of Money to Adoption.” Share why you gave extravagantly and why you DON’T have the, “If you want to adopt those kids, why are you asking me for money, you should be able to afford it” mindset.”
This is part one of what I hope to be at least a three part series.

Why Do I Give A Boatload Of Money To Adoption?

 I’m a 54 year old male.
 My hair is grey.
 My hair used to be brown.
 I have a goatee.
 I don’t understand tightwads.
 I’m a salesman.
 I sell folding chairs.
 I have a wife and two grown daughters.
 I like to laugh.
 I have three wonderful grandchildren.
 I’ve made some money.
 I’ve lost some money.
 The odometer reads 200,000
 I believe in rescue.
 I have to believe in rescue.
 I never thought to ask the question why.
 I never thought to ask for a financial statement.
 I was being asked to help redeem a life.
 I love freeing a heart.
 I believe adoptive parents are the heroes.
 I love extravagance.
 I have no regrets.
 I felt honored in the giving.
 Our giving travels outside of time and space.
 I know that extravagance has eternal value.
 I have joy in the giving.
 I see the faces of the redeemed.
 Burning delight.
 It’s a drink of beauty.
 It’s not about reason.
 It’s about joy.
 Blog Post borrowed from Tracie Loux.  A friend who helped to begin us on our own adoption journey, even when the Lord pulled our hearts from domestic (which she was helping us with as a consultant) to International School Aged children.  

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