Thursday, September 3, 2009

Amish Paste ...

Monday I picked some Amish paste tomatoes.
These are the ones I had growing in my two upside down tomato planter thingys.
(That is a doux de espagne pepper that fell off - oops.)

I added a few german cherry to them and decided to make Roasted Tomato sauce.
First you half the tomatoes.
Put them in a bowl of tomato paste, olive oil (equal parts) and some garlic, basil and oregano.
After you coat them with it, place them on a rack in a pan over foil.
If you have any of the paste oil stuff left, you can slice an onion and soak up the last bit of oil. Then put the onion into a foil pan, inside the pan with the rack in it. This will carmelize the onion. Throw a little garlic clove or two in it if you like as well.
Roast 20 min at 425 degrees.

Take them out, run them through the food processor until you have the right consistency for your sauce.
You can skin them before the food processor if you like.
I ran mine through a sieve to get most of the seeds and skins after processing.

See the little tray with the onions on the right.

It turned out fabulous.


Lulu said...

Your pepper was amazing!!

Paige said...

Thanks Girlfriend!