Monday, September 28, 2009

New Promises

A rainbow of promise
& double anointing.

This past weekend was the women's retreat at our church.

It was a time of refreshing, a time of blessing & a time of bonding, a time of sharing tears & laughter. I met fabulous godly women who will speak into the rest of my life and hopefully, vice versa. Community is scripture - it's that simple. We hang, we eat, we share - see Acts.

This double rainbow showed up on Saturday night during our meal. It was a spectacular sight. On top of it's beauty, we were able to see the entire bow, from end to end, in the sky.

New place, new friends and family; new tribe,

New promises, new anointings.

New vision; Dove's eyes.

Love the kisses of God.

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As I am watching a movie with my kids today... I get a flashback memory;

Go back to my 11th year of life,
a retreat with a group of youth from my church
sitting in the outdoor chapel on wood benches
worshiping with music of a guitar.

flash to now;
I was in the outdoor chapel on the wood benches.
worshiping with the ipod on and Dave Crowder pumping!

the rainbow of promise
the confirmation of the Holy spirit (no, I am not going to explain that part)

It is nice when God confirms you are where you are supposed to be.

Kisses from my beloved.

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