Saturday, October 2, 2010


I released this balloon for our precious tiny one.

Precious people.

Hundreds of balloons were released,

as hundreds of babies names were read aloud.
It was a beautiful and windy day,
carrying the individual balloons away,
and lifting the large balloon groups up.

Cadence's balloon got stuck in a tree.

like he was stuck in my tube
then released to Worship God Forever.

Thank God for good friend support.

I miss my tiny person.

this is the link to the STL Today article

We want another child, but losing him
took my natural ability to create another.
I could have IVF.
If I had $14 K.
somehow the amount makes it seem simply selfish
even though adoption is twice that.
So, I'll just sing...
If I had a Million dollars...
hum along now.


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