Saturday, August 27, 2011

The garden is really growing now ...

It's been all summer since I gave a garden update. I have gone out every morning (or evening) except for very rainy days and watered the boxes and beds. So far, it has been a year of not so much success. The broccoli originally gave one meal and then died in the very early extreme heat we had. The brussel sprouts in earthboxes grew very tiny sprouts and then died in the heat, even after I kept smashing the caterpillars daily. The brussels I had under row covers never fruited. I think no bugs but no bees either. The patty pan squash under row covers succumbed to powdery mildew and then the vicious root maggot. I got one meal of corn from the 3 sisters garden and 1 good meal of provider beans from 3 sisters garden. The squashes all but 2 plants got the root maggot and died, with no fruit. The 2 plants are still in that bed and I might end up with Butternut squash from them yet. I replanted turnips where the corn and beans etc were in 3 sisters, we will see.

This is how the garden looks today...

Cayenne Pepper harvest.
I basically ignored this plant, other than watering. It fruited lovely. I am setting these out daily in the sunshine, and will string them soon. It is humid here, so I want the peppers to dry out a bit before I string them. (They began to dry on the plant, so I picked them all)

This is Black Brandywine. She gave me 2 or 3 tiny tomatoes so far and now has taken off in fresh growth and blossoms. If the deer stay off the tomatoes, I should have some lovely brandywines at the end of September!

This is Black Seeded Simpson
in tiny self watering containers. It is the second planting.

These are the tiny little butternut squash that grew in the compost pile.
(we ate the 4th in butternut risotto, but that is another post)
The vines died early and I had to bring in the immature fruit to ripen inside.
Dwarf Orange Tree and Pineapple Plant
2nd crop of corn. 1st earthbox planting this year.

Bloesser tomato (this is the Joggerst tomato plant) Sage in long pot
and in 2nd raised bed is Blondkopchen tomato, cayenne, 2 silvery fur tomato,
2 pepper plants, bi color cherry tomato. All headed toward new fruit. Crazy weather.

This is the other side of 2nd raised bed. You can see a red Doux deEspagne pepper.
and you can see the top of one sweet potato plant in front of the bed.

This is a crazy upside down planter I got for free. I had to try it.
I don't like it. Tomato plants are growing and blossoming,
(2 Mr. Stripey and 1 Rugers)
but it holds water in the bottom that is breeding mosquitos.
I suppose you could put sand in it, but that wasn't free.

A lovely view of my blueberry bushes. All protected from the wicked deer.

On the right side is Doux de Espagne, finally blossoming.
On the left is the yukky snack peppers. Very bitter.

This is the second attempt at Yellow Summer squash.
This crazy weather... it is setting blossoms right now.

Sideways view of my Edmonson Cukes. Love them

Bed with Cukes in it. Just planted Kohlrabi for fall. Will row cover soon.

A view of the eggplants. Need some mulch on that plastic.

Current state of the strawberry bed. Growing well.

This is the new turnip planting where the 3 sisters planting was.
See the 2 remaining Waltham Butternut plants at the end. Praying for some fruit there.

These are Eggplants, different self watering containers.
Might be setting some blossoms now.

This is just a stand kinda close to the fence
(but not too close, the poison ivy is directly behind me)
and take a pic of the garden.

and now the view that inspired this overdue garden post....

The Melon Patch...

These are the honeydew melons.
1 earthbox
3 plants.
3 baby melons
and more tiny ones starting to develop (finally!)

This is a side view of how far out of the box they grew.
and I keep moving the vines so they won't run straight,
instead I tangle them together for space considerations.

This is the biggest watermelon. It is as tall as the earthbox (almost)

This is the watermelon Earthbox.
4 plants. Growing vine like crazy.
Blossoms galore and now 4 tiny melons growing.
I have to water the box 2-3 times a day to keep it happy and not wilting.
(like it accidentaly did today when I only watered am and pm.)

And this is the pattypan squash.
2nd planting. (1st time in earthbox)

and that concludes the longest garden photo post ever.


You're welcome.

Be encouraged. My plants are finally doing what they should... we have had a wild weather growing season.

and that old black walnut tree, No Fruit this year.
Better for the garden and easier on me.

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