Thursday, September 22, 2011

Harvesting Late in the Summer

So the fruits of the spring plantings are finally starting to come in.
*Actually, I planted the summer squash in August.

Two yellow crookneck, (same plant, giving two very different fruit - cross pollination I imagine)
three pattypan (one being a double)
and an Edmonson cucumber.

My beautiful eggplants
Listada de Gandia
the 3 on the right are Rosa Bianca

More pattypan on the plant.

The plant is lovely
except when the deer come and eat half the leaves. sigh.

This is the "W" varmit.
He is awfully cute...
but he keeps getting in the garden and eating
ALL the Blondkopfchen cherry tomatoes.

Which is actually why I plant them to begin with.

He loves little grape tomatoes.

We have had the weirdest weather
and all my tomato plants are finally fruiting, except
the Hillbilly potato leaf,
it is still in blossom stage.
We will be having BLT's in November.
mmm. Bacon.

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