Monday, September 26, 2011

Sing for your Supper

alternately titled
"Look at how Shiny we are!"

We got to go on a dress up date!

He even wore a tux!
I wore a little black dress,
with a gorgeous Poppy Scarf as my wrap.

It was a catered dinner in the Starlight room
at the Chase.

Chris had to sing for a gig,
and we got to stay and enjoy the dinner.

It was a longer evening,
but lovely.

and free.

which, as we all know when you are fundraising for adoption,
is the only way you get a date.

Unless someone happens to hand you tickets to the Muny.

That also happened recently.
We dressed up (a little)
for that one.
It was a great play!!

Thank you to those wonderful people
who have been handing us our dates lately!
They are important to our marriage.

You can tell it is working,
by how shiny we are!!

Admit it,
You are singing the song...
Shiny Happy People Laughing...

You're Welcome!

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