Sunday, October 2, 2011

Worthy Watermelon

We finally got a watermelon!! I planted Stone Mountain Watermelon in one earthbox this year, after planting seeds THREE different times (yes, I did consult and follow the farmers almanac best planting days) they finally germinated and 3 of 4 plants grew. We had a tiny watermelon in early July, that was not finished yet. The plants kept wilting in the extreme heat we were having, so I finally figured out they needed to be watered twice a day from like 4 foot vines on up. It gave up new blossoms in late July, and now on October first we had a full size, perfectly ripened melon. It was incredible!! Sweet and Perfect. There are some smaller melons still out on the vine, I was hoping they would get bigger, but it is getting so chilly at night, I may have to pick them soon.

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