Friday, October 14, 2011

October's Blooming Here

This is my orange tree,
with tiny oranges on it.

This is actually the orange tree...
with the garden behind it...

Pineapple Plant

Bloesser Tomato
covered in baby tomatoes

I went out the other day and picked collard greens.

Another view of the entire garden...

The eggplants

Green Beans in earthbox.
second try this year.


Hillbilly potato leaf tomato
going into the basement this weekend to finish up under florescent lights.

Broccoli. mmm.

Raised bed, with an almost ripe Black Brandywine tomatoe

It's about time we got some maters round here!

and some serious eggplant too
(made 2 batches of eggplant parmesan!)

Collards, regrowth since I cut the other day

That's about it for pics tonight. The garden is about to be torn up and put to rest. We are expecting the nights to dip into the 30's early next week. It will be a busy weekend around here.

1. SHARE walk
2. Benefit Concert
3. Fall-ify the garden :)

Talk to you in a week or so...


heartland frugalista said...

I am so incredibly jealous! What a beautiful garden.

wisconsin farmers markets are about folding up here.

My friend did give me a ton of eggplants:

Next year, I'll hopefully be a little bit more with it and harvest more vegetables and get canning more!

Paige said...

Thanks for stopping by! I found a great recipe for "pickled" eggplant. I will be putting up a glut of green tomato relish and we keep eating all the eggplant before I can pickle it. I worked hard at the garden this year, it really did not produce well until September. Our early heat this year messed up the normal production. We spent a lot on water, simply to keep the plants alive long enough to fruit.