Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fundraising Fundraising

It takes a LOT of money to adopt. One child adopted internationally or domestically is Approximately $30,000.

Crazy money = to pull a child out of abandonment / poverty / abuse (you name the affliction - it goes with being an orphan.

Most people, simply do not have that kind of money.

Most people cannot just take out a loan to afford it.

Yet the cause is right. The result is good. It is love of a higher form. It is acceptance. It is a form of pouring oneself out longterm for another human being (to raise them).

It is Worthy.

Worthy of the blood, sweat and tears it takes to bring an orphan into their forever family.

that is our cause. that is what we are doing. Being a Forever Family.

We do not have the money, or the means to have the money it takes to ransom these children out of their situation. (ransom is a strong word, but you get my point)

We have the means to support the child(ren). Adding another mouth to feed is simple. Clothing is simply (we don't wear name brand here unless we find it at Goodwill!)

We live simply to add our meager funds to the (growing) adoption fund.

We are blessed in many ways and bringing these two girls into our lives will bless us further.

We need help (financial gifts) to get there.

We need fundraisers and the helps of financial donations.

If you have given, THANK YOU! We mean it sincerely. Our fund is growing.

If you haven't yet given, please consider.

Consider the hearts of the two girls we are bringing home into a forever family. It is all they want. To be wanted, needed and loved. To have a mommy and a daddy that loves them.

There are many ways to give, some are tax deductible, some let you purchase an item and give a small portion toward our need. All are worthy.

Thank You.

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