Sunday, January 1, 2012

Speckled and Spotted

So... somewhere in Genesis 31 ...

Jacob is leaving. Taking his wives and his children and the herds he has acquired while serving Laban... and leaving.

He was allowed at some point (by Laban) to have the imperfect ones. the spotted. the speckled.

Except the Lord was watching out for him. and made the speckled and spotted the stronger, healthier offspring through some selective breeding that included stripped sticks in feeding troughs... (okay, this is the part that may not tie in to my story...)

I have found over the years, that ever so sweetly, the lover of my soul speaks to me in a language and in ways that are unique to me. I tend to live out portions of scripture.

this is not the first time I have lived out a Jacob story either. :) but I digress.

This time, the Lord is clearly speaking to me (to us) about our little guys who are here for 4 weeks of hosting.

Except in what can only be divine intervention... my little guys are now quite spotted.
and due to the spotted and speckled nature of their skin, they must not travel until they are no longer spotted. (chicken pox people, they have come down with chicken pox!)

and in a way I hear God speak to me frequently. This part of my story aligns with scripture. and I am blessed to keep the spotted ones of the herd.

and I add a little note: The boys will hopefully have their visit extended because of the chicken pox, and we pray that this extension lines up to when we will actually have referral and be ready to travel to Latvia for a guardianship hearing. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness! amen.

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