Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aunt Janet Visits St. Louis Clausens !!!

Aunt Janet - Caitlyn - Paige - Frances
Matthan and Hey... Westley look up!

OW where are the tops of our heads?
Still... what a handsome happy family!

Darling Husband Chris

Silly Family!
Aunt Janet with Westley this morning!

Somebody said did something funny! Look at them laughing!

Caitlyn's full! Too funny. See Video Below!

Westley is making faces at Matthan...

Matthan is hamming it up for the camera!

Matthan is also playing with the tortilla chip dough... mmm.

That is some yummy beans Daddy!

Paige and Aunt Janet

Aunt Janet and Frances

So yesterday Aunt Janet called to tell us she was driving in with her friend Frances and she would love to stop by! So we arranged to meet them at Chevy's (YUM) for dinner when they got in. Then they came to the house and stayed with us (let's hear it for air mattresses in the loft!) You know... that leaves my mind to wonder where the cat slept last night? on Caitlyn's head? on one of the air mattresses with Frances or Aunt Janet? or on the purple couch?!
but I digress...
Everyone got a good nights sleep. Except maybe Paige (who got up with Sir Westley like 4 times last night!) and after a lovely breakfast of blueberry muffins and coffee (let's hear a cheer for Java G's!) we visited for a bit and then Aunt Janet and Frances set off for the St. Louis Zoo, Missouri Botanical Gardens and the splendiferous Gateway Arch! After a day of sightseeing they were headed up highway 79 to Hannibal for the night. We pray they had a wonderful and safe trip.

and because you all love the way we post things on this blog... here is our humor for the day! Caitlyn was actually full last night after dinner... she ate steak fajitas, two baskets of chips... oh, just watch her hilarious video. WE COULD HARDLY BELIEVE SHE WAS FULL (she actually left food on the plate!)... SHE NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER CLAIMS TO BE FULL!

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