Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yes... I know you think I am now going to BORE you with my political beliefs. WRONG ANSWER!
If you know me and are reading my blog... you get my beliefs and it won't be hard to figure out how we will be covering this November election... with much prayer and a dependable turn out at the polls. Now... on to my post...

The debate in this house tonight is all about CHOOKS. Really...

That's Chickens for those of you that don't follow anything I have been talking about with the 100 foot Food challenge. Specifically laying hens as DH dislikes eating chicken in any recognizable chicken form. (I really only get to cook boneless skinless breasts) I have been getting my mind around my upcoming Freedom Garden... by reading books and a lot of blogs about this same gardening phenom that is hitting the US. This is a lifestyle change we are headed toward in the Clausen Haus. I mean it. I love to cook, I love to grow things... I inherited genes that help things grow well ... that all merges nicely in the Garden! I plan to put in raised beds at the new house (nope, not sure yet where that will be, but God knows!) and we will be growing our food next summer and putting that same food up for the following winter. This year we have gleaned our food for canning (and yes, we bought some from local farms, it supports the local economy and most excellent farms we have close to us) But the important point is that we will be eating some of this yummy organic food over this coming winter instead of buying it from the store at a better (yes FRUGAL) cost overall. CAN YOU SMELL THE APPLE BUTTER CURRENTLY COOKING?!

Now back to the chooks. I think I want a laying hen or two... not really any more than that because I cannot possibly use all those eggies... but hey who knows. Anyway... we have had more than one discussion on how yukky taking care of chickens is blah blah blah. But the more I hear about people raising these birds is how wonderful it is to have fresh free eggs all the time... it gets me thinking... LUCY ... oops. anyway... during the debate... I simply wondered out loud (duh, isn't that how you think?) if one of the suburbs we are looking at for our new haus allowed chooks... and darling husband simply said "no". (Come on, what did you expect?... something about farmers from Iowa I know...) But then he followed it with... "there may be room, but no." So that leads to haus debate! :)

No, I don't really want chickens... I like eggs, but I don't relish ever dealing with chicken poop! (After all, I do have three chilrens...and a cat who yaks on the carpet at will.)

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