Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fruity Fruit Fruit Fruit

Pears - Baby food style!
From next door into our freezer - this fits the 100 foot challenge!

Another 19 Gallons of Golden Delicious Apples
Compliments of a friendly neighbor!

Ripe Tomatoes (Neighbor with apple trees!)
Ripening tomatoes (same neighbor guy)
Green, but ripening tomatoes (neighbor with apple trees)

Gleaned Fruit! Today Caitlyn and I took the ladder over to that neighbors house and picked some of the tops of his trees (well not exactly the tops, way too high for that, - these are old trees) I wish I knew how and was able to trim the apple trees for him. So many of the branches are splitting from the weight and they are too dense in some spots to reach through well for apples (well, standing on a ladder anyway!) He needs a good tree guy to simply donate a trimming for him so the trees will do better next year. We dropped off some apple butter and were thanking him for more apples when he mentioned we should take a bunch of tomatoes too! YUMMY. I will run by some applesauce and tomato sauce for him next week as a bigger thank you.

The pears I picked off the next door neighbors tree were fully ripe yesterday... so today I pureed them for Westley for baby food. He loved them! I froze the remainder in those containers. I will be bagging and ripening these over the next week or so... until the first frost hits. I can keep pureed baby fruit frozen for a bit.

Anyway... not much around here... a quiet weekend. Football, chili and applesauce making!

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