Monday, March 1, 2010

Furbearers and Forget it!

No help for that pack of wild coyotes living in our back yard.


Animal Control ... "Don't worry it, they've always been in the city"

Let's think here: Coyotes prey on animals, can carry off a sheep and are showing up less and less afraid of people.

Mine seem to care less that I live here.

Me: "I have small children, a 2 year old that plays outside"

AC: "I wouldn't worry about your children"


Do People THINK before they speak?

We live in a desensitized society. Seriously.

ME: What about trapping them?

AC:"We've tried to get trappers here to trap them, they won't come do it" "Just don't worry about 'em".


I have 3 coyotes, that I know of, living within 500 feet of my home, killing and eating within 50 feet of my home...

and the best suggestion I get from Animal Control is ... "Just ignore them."

I called Powder Valley... they were nice, and helpful to a point...

PV: "Keep a bright light on... they come at night."

Me: Um, it was 8 am and light out.

PV: "Make a loud noise." "Just bang on some pots and pans next time you see them"

Me: I did that, they didn't seem to care.

PV: "Spray a Hose at them." (Yes, they said that) ... Oh, I can just see that; "hey coyotes, don't eat anything or anyone, let me run get a hose and turn it on and then drag it out to spray at you"

I suppose when the kids play outside, we will keep the hose handy.

PV: Do you live where you could discharge a firearm to make a loud noise?

Me: Um, NO. (cause if I did, I probably would have shot them by now!)

PV: "Well, Someone with a Furbearers Permit, they can shoot them."

Okay; I looked that up and a Furbearer can trap a coyote in missouri, but live trap only.

So, no resolution and no hopeful suggestions for ridding our area of coyotes (after all, they've always been here?!)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not shedding any tears over the bunnies they are currently eating, or the deer they probably chased off ... but I still don't want a pack of wild dogs running around out there.

I wonder if I know anyone with a Furbearers permit? or could find someone...

and want to wait until November 15 - January 31 for them to be in season to trap?


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Gina Hale said...

Not that you should...but you would get some quick action if you actually shot that firearm to "make a loud noise".