Sunday, March 14, 2010

How long can I wait ...

To put up another blog?

Well, a little while I suppose.

I have been busy, teaching and painting and generally being the mommy. Everyone is well in the house and we are all quite excited about spring hitting the area.

The crocuses are up. The daffodils are poking through and sending up shoots and buds. The ground is very wet and will probably stay that way for a few weeks.

We have spent a few days playing outside. One day to the zoo (with Daddy!). Another spent playing outside all day with friends in the front, back and side yards... we were all over the place and it was sunny and simply yummy. We have had a day or two inside too, watching the rain spitter and spatter about.

I have not yet made the garden plan. ooops. I have the general idea(s) in mind, I simply have not laid them out on paper yet.

I have pictures to post, of the zoo and other various cute faces... I just haven't had time.

I would post them with this entry, but I am on another computer while Hubby plays music on mine.

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