Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A river runs through it ... so we sail

Today, we had a deluge and then a break. The sun came out immediately following a torrential downpour. I thought it was a great opportunity for the children to "play" in the river that always runs through our yard during heavy rain. They grabbed sandals and small's plastic boats and headed for about 10 minutes before it began to rain again.
Fun was had by all.
Small ran window to window yelling about rain and boats.
Running with the boats

the beginning of our yard and the river

the middle of the yard

Tall, very intent

Feet IN!

Wild Plum Tree(s) in a pool of water

Medium setting in his boat

Medium showing me his boat and a flower or leaf

One of the many "races"

Tall "putting in"

Great summer fun.

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